Friends To Elect Ameenah Fuller  - District 23
Government/Business Consultant with over 25 years experience in healthcare providing compliance measures with recommendations to administrators and corporate staff at Hospitals and Medical facilities in California.
A businesswoman for over 25 years operating and managing a consulting business, which requires daily organizational planning and budgetary management. She worked to recover Medicare funds to prevent fraud and abuse.  

She has a successful record of accomplishments in the health care community working with medium to large facilities. She has the knowledge and experience to move district 23 in the right direction. She believes in supporting policies that make sense for the constituents in the district. She supports and advocates policies on senior rights, education, healthcare, environment, economic empowerment, and green technology.

She is a supporter of tax credits for builders that build affordable green homes.
She is a firm believer that new green homes and businesses is the way of the future for Californians. 

She worked in a State Senator's office researching legislative issues on housing, economic growth, education and healthcare. She worked to resolve constituent issues on education, healthcare and housing. She received a Citation for her accomplishments. She earned a Master of Arts in Public Policy in 2010.

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